Majestic and disorderly, the clouds wander the night sky.

Alone and uncertain, like gypsies passing through some vast plain

They move forward into new territory

On the eternal blue-rimmed front of space and diamond stars.

One minute together, then apart, they dance and garland

Night’s marble-beaming moon with filigree wisps of encircling haze,

Then turn their attention to my stars and hide them from sight,

And I feel the cloud-cold lisp of the dark and wonder

As men have always wondered beneath a cold sky:

Men, star-like in number, warm, passionate, intense and desolate

In the granite unknown, men who’ve felt the jagged edge,

Silken men without care, lonely watchers, the sleepless,

Have all watched these clouds before, and, wondering,

Seen their last flimsy flicker as they trail away,

Leaving behind the painful uncertainty of moon-sharp night.

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