Four Poems from Triple Poetry (1970)

Let us sing songs of princely praise and let us sing out loud,

Let us sing volleys of madrigals, avenues of anthems,

Clutches of canticles, springs of psalms

For those whose hearts pump the lifeblood of sound

Through existence’s arteries. Yes, let us sing to them.

   A miracle of song be yours, JSB, polyphonist,

   And for you, Ludwig, at two hundred, Gloria!

   For Wolfgang Amadeus, may eternal ecstasy be yours.

   But let us not forget Mynheer Domine, the lads of Weimar,

   Felix and César, Franz Peter, young Claude and all:

   For them let us sing multitudinous songs of princely praise!

   Yes, let us sing out loud!

      The Acknowledgement:

             We came giving of our best

             And now ask only rest,

             Our task of beauty is now past,

             One wonders whether it will last

             Since man cannot desist

                will not resist

                his exploitation

                his execration

                of civilisation.

             We say: ‘Sing and sing again.’