Four Poems from Triple Poetry (1970)

Existence is an appoggiatura
Resolving itself allegro molto

On the surge and flow of experience.

Like sonatas bursting in exposition,

Clucking and thrusting themselves predictably

Through development, it comes to where

There are no recapitulations,

But where codas do occur.
            Andantes are long.

            Their melodies

            Twining, searching,

            Contouring, groping,

            Grovelling through the dust

            Of everydayness,

            Can often be boring

            Unless the cadence

            Coming unexpectedly early

            Brings to an end

            The aimless parleying.
                        The rondo is a throwback:

                        Its themes are childhood

                        The past and change;

                        It recalls these unerringly,

                        Until slowing down

                        It dies of boredom

                        And of age.